Readymade Frames

Ready made frames are a more affordable alternative to custom framing when you have a standard size print.


Glass Size: 220 x 180mm     
Matt Opening Size: 120mm x 80mm        

Price: $29.90

Glass Size: 200 x 200mm     
Matt Opening Size: 100mm x 100mm     

Price: $29.90


Glass Size: 295 x 380mm     
Matt Opening Size: 155mm x 240mm      

Price: $49.90

Glass Size: 320 x 320mm      
Matt Opening Size: 200mm x 200mm      

Price: $49.90


Glass Size: 390 x 490mm     
Matt Opening Size: 240mm x 340mm      

Price: $64.90

Glass Size: 450 x 450mm      
Matt Opening Size: 320mm x 320mm      

Price: $74.90

Glass Size: 500 x 650mm     
Matt Opening Size: 340mm x 490mm      

Price: $89.90

Glass Size: 610 x 610mm      
Matt Opening Size: 450mm x 450mm      

Price: $99.90



Glass Size: 700 x 900mm     
Matt Opening Size: 520mm  x 720mm      

Price: $124.90

Glass Size: 800 x 800mm      
Matt Opening Size: 610mm  x 610mm      

Price: $134.90